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Announcing the Launch of the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA).

Dataset Providers Alliance

New alliance aims to shape the future of AI and ML through responsible dataset licensing

California/New York/Berlin/Tokyo (June 26, 2024) - Today, a group of pioneering companies at the forefront of the AI data licensing market announced the formation of the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA). The DPA brings together seven founding members committed to promoting the responsible and ethical licensing of intellectual property content for AI and ML datasets. The alliance aims to foster collaboration, develop best practices, and advocate for the rights of content creators in the rapidly evolving AI and ML landscape.

The founding members of the DPA include Rightsify, Global Copyright Exchange (GCX), vAIsual, Calliope Networks, ado, Datarade and Pixta AI. These organizations represent a diverse range of content sectors, including music, image, text, video, and voice.

"The launch of the Dataset Providers Alliance marks a significant milestone in the growth and maturation of the AI data licensing market," said Alex Bestall, CEO of Rightsify and GCX. "By bringing together companies that are at the vanguard of this industry, we can work together to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of AI and ML. The DPA will serve as a powerful voice for dataset providers, ensuring that the rights of content creators are protected while AI developers get access to large amounts of high quality AI training data."

The DPA's mission is to:

  • Promote transparency and standardization in the licensing of intellectual property content for AI and ML datasets.

  • Educate stakeholders on the importance of responsible and ethical data sourcing and usage practices.

  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between dataset providers, AI/ML researchers, and industry partners.

  • Advocate for the rights and interests of content creators and rights holders in the AI and ML ecosystem.

  • Encourage innovation and the development of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies while ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights.

Founding members shared their commitment to the mission of the DPA:

DPA members

vAIsual: "This is a significant step in the right direction," said Mark Milstein, co-founder and director of business development for vAIsual. "We are honored to be part of the first tier of data licensing platforms chosen to be part of the DPA alliance. I am particularly looking forward to the advocacy role that DPA is poised to play, and look forward to participating in the organization in a concrete, highly visible way."

ado: "ado is thrilled to join the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA). As part of this pioneering group, we reaffirm our belief that every individual has the right to protect their art, knowledge, and likeness online,” said Jay Wong, Founder and CEO of ado. “This is more important than ever in the AI age. Alongside the DPA, we aim to foster an internet where every person feels comfortable being themselves. We look forward to furthering our mission with other industry leaders who share our principles of data stewardship and transparency."

Calliope Networks: “At Calliope Networks, we are huge believers in the potential for AI to drive growth and opportunity as it generally advances human progress,” said Dave Davis, CEO of Calliope Networks. “It is important that such progress is harnessed in a way that compensates creators and rightsholders appropriately for their contributions to AI.”

Datarade: “Data providers are fuelling the AI revolution. It’s essential to have transparency about the quality, provenance and intellectual ownership of AI & ML training datasets to develop AI ethically,” said Richard Hoffmann, Co-founder of Datarade. “The DPA is helping bring about this transparency. As a data marketplace operator, Datarade is proud to be part of an alliance ensuring this data is licensed responsibly.”

Pixta: "As we embark on this journey with DPA, Pixta AI is thrilled to be at the forefront of shaping the future of image licensing in the AI era,” said Nick Luu, Director of Business Development at Pixta AI. “With our vision of 'Make AI Accessible To Anyone,' we see this alliance as a significant milestone, enabling companies to train their AI models with integrity and accountability. Together with DPA, we are poised to champion transparency and fairness in AI development, ensuring that every AI model is under affordable legal protection."

As the AI and ML industries continue to expand and evolve, the DPA is poised to play a critical role in shaping the future of dataset licensing by serving as a crucial link between content providers and technology developers, working to create a more robust, responsible, and sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

The DPA’s first initiative will be a whitepaper outlining dataset licensing standards, which will be published in July. For more information about the Dataset Providers Alliance and its mission, please visit

About the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA):

The Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA) is a trade group representing a diverse team of rights holders and organizations that license intellectual property content for AI and ML datasets. The alliance fosters collaboration, promotes best practices, and ensures the ethical and responsible use of licensed content in the development of AI and ML technologies. For more information, visit

Dataset Providers Alliance



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