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DPA Dataset Providers Alliance Logo

The DPA brings together a diverse range of AI data licensing providers and intellectual property owners, including those specializing in music, voice, text, video, and images. By establishing a unified voice for dataset providers, the alliance advocates for the interests of rights holders and works to create a sustainable and equitable ecosystem for the licensing of intellectual property content in the AI and ML industries.


TRANSPARENCY AND STANDARDIZATION: Promoting transparency and standardization in the licensing of intellectual property contnet for AI and ML datasets.
EDUCATING STAKEHOLDERS: Educating stakeholders on the importance of responsible and ethical data sourcing and usage practices.
DIALOGUE AND COLLABORATION: Facilitating dialogue and collaboration between dataset providers, AI/ML researchers, and industry partners.
ADVOCATING FOR THE RIGHTS AND INTERESTS: Advocating for the rights and interests of content creators and rights holders in the rapidly evolving AI and ML landscape.
INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT:  Encouraging innovation and the development of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies while ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights.
As the AI and ML industries continue to grow, the Dataset Providers Alliance serves as a crucial link between content providers and technology developers, working to create a more robust, responsible, and sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.
Meet the Alliance

DPA's members comprise a diverse array of dataset providers and intellectual property owners dedicated to advancing their interests in the licensing of AI datasets. From specialized archives in music, voice, text, video, and images, our members benefit from a unified voice advocating for their rights and fostering a fair, sustainable ecosystem for licensing their content.


Rightsify logo

Established in 2013, Rightsify was born as a sync licensing agency for tv, film, and advertisements. From that, we’ve grown and adapted to a global music licensing agency providing music for public spaces to streaming platforms and generative AI applications. Rightsify wholly owns a catalog of more than 10 million human-made songs that is meticulously annotated and labeled for AI training.


Global Copyright Exchange Logo

Rightsify launched GCX in 2023 and created the framework to make AI music legally clean for commercial use. GCX provides datasets with over 4.4 million hours of audio and 32 billion metadata text pairs, totaling over 3 petabytes of music data. The perfect data source for training AI music models.

vAIsual Logo


vAIsual (v-eye-sual) is a Delaware-based technology company pioneering the commercial deployment of ethical, envelope pushing AI solutions via; a revolutionary content factory where users can generate Virtual Actor Instances (VAI) powered by ethical LoRA models and the; a marketplace for users to legally license GDPR compliant biometric data and ethically sourced, legally clean licensed visual content for the generative AI/ ML space and beyond. Founded by Michael Osterrieder, Mark Milstein, Nicolas Menijes and Istvan Novak, vAIsual generates ethical AI solutions that are nothing short of metamorphic. Few events in the history of visual media have been heralded as much as the arrival of generative AI. Leveraging the endless possibilities offered by text-to-image synthesis, vAIsual is on the forefront of tomorrow's visual media future today.


Pixta Logo

State-of-the-art technology: Pixta AI applies the most cutting-edge tools with pre-annotation and semi-automatic labeling pipelines which allow us to annotate data up to 3 to 4 times faster than traditional methods Huge trusted Data source: Pixta AI utilizes 80M+ Visual data Library - PixtaStock to provide large amount of full-compliance image for all project.


Ado Logo

ado is a protected and decentralized communities platform for creative workers. Graphic designers, visual artists, musicians, writers and more can post their work to ado, join communities aligned with their areas of expertise and reach their audience without all the strings attached. Artists own and control their work, not big tech and AI developers.


Calliope Networks logo

Calliope Networks aggregates high quality video (film and TV) and text (books, etc.) to license to generative AI companies to be used as training data.


Datarate 2023 Logo

Datarade powers the data providers that power AI. The Berlin-based software company operates Datarade Marketplace, visited by 80k data buyers monthly, and Data Commerce Cloud (DCC), a multi-channel data monetization platform designed to help data providers scale their data businesses. Using DCC, companies can publish their data products in the largest data marketplaces with a click, massively reducing the time and engineering resources required to integrate with these sales channels. Current DCC integrations include Databricks Marketplace, Google Cloud Analytics Hub, SAP Datasphere, and its proprietary Datarade Marketplace, with more integrations to come.


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